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Arlie, bone marrow transplant recipient

MEET ARLIE. At just 5 years old, she is already a two-time leukemia survivor. She’s been through chemotherapy, graft-versus-host-disease, remission, and back again.

But today Arlie is on the road to recovery. She found her perfect match, received a bone marrow transplant and is looking forward to a brighter future. When you
fundraise with Team Be The Match, you can help bring hope and healing to patients like Arlie in these uncertain times.

The best part: you don't even have to leave your couch!

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OUR GOAL is to raise $100,000 by May 15. Rally your friends and family to help deliver cures. It’s easy. It’s fun. And it means the world to patients and their families.

JOIN the #Couch2Cure Movement and amplify your fundraising!

  1. On your couch, take a selfie or video of you, your family or pets. You can share a special talent, isolation survival tip, or why you support Be The Match.

  2. Post on social media with a link to your new fundraising page.

  3. Try offering a creative incentive to encourage your followers to give—for example, you could do 25 pushups any time someone donates $25.

  4. Tag @BeTheMatch, use #Couch2Cure and #TeamBeTheMatch, and tag your friends with a challenge to join the Couch2Cure Movement!


BONUS! Raise your first $100 and earn a Be The Match sun catcher. 

Thank you for helping create brighter futures for patients and their families.






Allison Walton - Allison's Allies

In honor of her upcoming 1st Re-birthday, Allison is fundraising so that other searching patients can find their life-saving match!


Lisa Korslund - Team MUD Bloods

In December of 2020 Lisa will celebrate her 10th transplantiversary. Dedicating her celebration for other patients Lisa and Team MUD Bloods have already raised over $5,000.


Team David - Andrea Bloom

David is a searching patient and as they prepare for his transplant his family are doing all that they can to support other patients.


Kristina Bainbridge

Kristina lost her husband, Joshua, last year. She promised to hold a huge celebration in his honor and is following through on that promise with support from her community of supporters.


Larry & Friends

Larry & friends threw a massive party in Washington in late January and celebrate they did. They raised over $8,000 for current patients searching for their perfect match.

Alpha Tau Omega - Beta Xi

This group at College of Charleston are long-time Be The Match supporters and this year they are off to a great start with their fundraising efforts.



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